T7000 Glue Super Adhesive (50ml)

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  • T-7000 is a special black adhesive for plastic and metal bonding. It can be bonded to PP/PE plastic. It can be directly bonded without any treatment.
  • T-7000 Glue is a black glue, environmentally friendly, non-polluting, non-corrosive one-component multi-functional universal adhesive glue, which is air-cured at room temperature, safe and convenient to use, and has excellent waterproof, moisture-proof and shock-proof. It has excellent anti-aging and sealing properties. It is soft and elastic after curing. It has excellent bonding performance.The temperature range is -30oÇ. ~+90oÇ.
  • T-7000 adhesive is widely used in: PP/PE/PS/PO/PVC/ABS/rubber, plastic, leather, sponge, wood, paper, doll toy, glass, ceramic, metal, line glue, point drill rhinestone jewelry , the border, lighting, fabric, crafts, headphones, earplugs and other materials between the mutual adhesion and self-adhesive, is the choice in production and work.
  • Colloid: Black solid content: 48%-55%
  • Surface dry time: 3-6 minutes or so

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