LCD Replacement For iPad 2 (Premium Part)

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Compatible with A1395 / A1396 / A1397

.This is the iPad 2 LCD screen replacement. Are you seeing blurry pixel lines or inky spots on the screen of your iPad 2? If you are viewing images such as this or have any other issues, you may have a damaged inner LCD screen on your iPad 2. This often occurs as a result of a drop or fall, interfering with viewing videos, searching the web and more. To repair your iPad 2, purchase this iPad LCD screen replacement for your device. This LCD screen for the iPad 2 is designed to work with your generation of the iPad, and will get your device looking and working like brand new again. All of our iPad 2nd generation LCD screens here at Touch Wireless are available in stock and are of the highest quality available on the market. Not only that, but we keep our prices competitive on all iPad replacement parts,

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